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Positivity Reighns was birthed from a place of contemplation, reflection, and a need for newness focused in positive energy and Christ. In 2015, our owner, Kedra Fairweather accepted her calling into ministry. Little did she know, that "yes" would send her on a spiritual journey. In 2017, she birthed her second child, lost her first line sister #34, and her father-in-law. That year was filled with love, loss, and triumph. The emotional journey she experienced in that season allowed her to grow into a deeper relationship with Christ. One day while Kedra was lying on the floor in her living room, The Creator, started downloading into her spirit a vision to start and influence a movement focused on "Speaking Life and Birthing Purpose," thus Positivity Reighns was born!

Positivity Reighns is designed to influence, inspire and motivate all people to focus on God's Love, Vision, and  Purpose for their lives. Kedra believes that as a "Cheerleader for Christ," the movement can provide apparel and products that remind people daily of just how good God is and how good life is and can be! The Speak Life Movement is centered in reminding us all of the power of language. Proverbs 18:21 "Life and death are in the power of the tongue..." Thus the movement is created to have us all SPEAK LIFE over ourselves and into the lives of others!

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