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Meditation and Prayer to Bring Clarity Into Your Life

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Meditation and prayer are acts of recollecting one’s thoughts, the quieting of one’s mind and for many, a way of centering with your spiritual source for guidance. Thousands of scientific studies have proven the countless benefits meditation and prayer bring, and many devotees regularly reap their benefits worldwide. For some, prayer and meditation bring life altering changes. For others, they become a lifestyle and their overall life improves. All in all, meditative practises are largely accepted as powerful tools to help cultivate positive thoughts and as solutions to numerous health-related issues.

Physical Benefits of Meditation and Prayer

It’s been proven time and again that healthy mental activity has a direct correlation with a healthy body. People who practise mindfulness during the day sleep better in comparison to those who don’t. Moreover, the regular practise of meditation (where one engages in controlled breathing) may help improve the cardiovascular system, resulting in reducing cholesterol and blood pressure.

As meditation can be a great way of controlling stress and anxiety, it can also help alleviate the associated physical symptoms such as muscle tension, body shaking and shortness of breath. Chronic stress also has detrimental effects on one’s immune system, hence sitting still in prayer on a regular basis can be a great way to boost your immunity.

How Meditation and Prayer Can Help You Emotionally

While praying and meditation can have an overall positive influence on someone’s emotions, there are some very specific benefits many attest to concerning their emotional health. People with a regular practise report that prayer and meditation can be helpful when dealing with anxiety and depression.

Setting aside time for personal reflection can be a great way to gain clarity of your goals and missions in life. It can be a time for brainstorming ideas when you’re in a creative rut. Making prayer and meditation a part of your daily routine can have an immense impact on your overall resilience towards stress. Individuals with particularly stressful jobs, and new parents alike, often find that taking a few moments of the day for themselves can be very helpful in leading a balanced and healthy life.

The Importance of Having a Special Place to Meditate

While all you need to sit in meditation is a few undisturbed minutes, having a place exclusively designated for mediation and an object to focus on can be helpful. This is especially helpful for beginners. Try creating a space of your own where you feel the most comfortable and peaceful. Decorate it in ways that inspire you.

You can tap into the power of meditation and prayer no matter where you are or what time it is. That being said, if you’re just starting out and trying to develop a habit, having a specific place to do it may be highly beneficial. If you are struggling to find peace and balance, book a call with me today. We will briefly chat about your challenges and I will pray for you.

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